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Self-Seal Kraft Bubble Mailer #2 (8.5" x 12") - Box of 100

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Sale price $31.99 compared at $40.00

Prices valid for clients in Ontario excluding the Ottawa area. Visit your local supplies website for availability and pricing.

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  • This option is only availabe when the product goes out of stock.
  • It is recommended that pre-order products not be combined with orders for currently available items in order to avoid any potential delay in the shipment of available items.( Place seperate order )
  • Pre-orders may take up to 4-6 weeks to fulfill.
Provides outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products, made from golden kraft paper with a 1/8″ bubble lining.

Key Features:

3-sided protection
1/2″ fins on 3 sides of bag help absorb shock and protect enclosed product

Fully laminated kraft/bubble combination
Stronger construction provides rugged durability and increased bag strength

High slip lining
Allows easier product insertion and extraction, increasing productivity

Hot-melt self-seal closure
Tamper-evident, increases content security

1/3 the weight of macerated newspaper shippers
Light weight, reduces postage costs

Bubble lining
Creates less mess than macerated paper

Custom print option
Customized labelling or advertising reduces labelling costs and increases market exposure.

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